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Work experience includes:
Web Design, Business Cards, Logos, Brochures, Letter head, Photography (Shoot, Color correction, Touch up & Special effects) Video (Shoot & Edit, Special effects / Final Cut Pro) Sound Production, View graphs, Tables, Flowcharts, Slide Art & Charts, Cover Designs, CD Cover Art, Manual and Proposal preparation, Flyers, Involved Mechanical & Isometric Drawings, Schematic Diagrams, Exploded & Orthographic Views, Fine Art, Pen & Ink, CADAM.
Work objective:
Freelance / contract / part / full time or teaching work, that utilizes my graphic arts and technical illustrator skills, in the field of multimedia. Specializing in Computer Graphics, Web design / Photography / Desk top and print work.
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Zoe Monroe Ball AerospaceMy goal is to bring you a exciting high end web site. Creativity and a cost effective approach is a very high priority. The end goal is to make all my clients happy! Call me today 303-944-6199

Web site design / Under Construction

This site is the second site being build for a Wood Craftsman and audio engineer who is placing his business foot print on the world wide web.. He needed a sight to show his on location audio recording skills. eric4audio
This is a custom designed site for a local architect who wanted a upscale design to showcase his portfolio. The site is a liquid 100% full size window, with a clean uncluttered style. He has hired me to do additions and updates to the site. Stewart Web
This is a site for a local carpet cleaner, he wanted a clean feel to his site. This site is a low cost liquid table design, that displays the information in a clear easy to navigate user friendly environment! spotless-carpetcleaning-boulder

Specializing in Web Site Design, development and maintenance.

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