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Work experience includes:
Web Design, Business Cards, Logos, Brochures, Letter head, Photography (Shoot, Color correction, Touch up & Special effects) Video (Shoot & Edit, Special effects / Final Cut Pro) Sound Production, View graphs, Tables, Flowcharts, Slide Art & Charts, Cover Designs, CD Cover Art, Manual and Proposal preparation, Flyers, Involved Mechanical & Isometric Drawings, Schematic Diagrams, Exploded & Orthographic Views, Fine Art, Pen & Ink, CADAM.
Work objective:
Freelance / contract / part / full time or teaching work, that utilizes my graphic arts and technical illustrator skills, in the field of multimedia. Specializing in Computer Graphics, Web design / Photography / Desk top and print work.
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Zoe Monroe Ball AerospaceMy goal is to bring you a exciting high end web site. Creativity and a cost effective approach is a very high priority. The end goal is to make all my clients happy! Call me today 303-944-6199

Web site design / Archived sites

This is a community service site, that I worked on for three years. CCTV54 provides a outlet for the community to have a voice on the Television and Internet. CCTV54
Joseph Diamo
This is a liquid site for a Jazz musician who wanted to showcase his music and Television shows. The site is liquid with some color blocking, in the design. Joe Diamo
The Denver Libertarian party contacted me to build this site. It was a year long project with many emergency up dates along the way. Schedules and last minute updates were made for the convention quickly! Denver LPC
This is fixed pixel width site. The client wanted a site design he found on Google. The background shape created some challenges. There are music mp3 clips and the song CD insert so you can read along with the music! Jim Salvator
My old web site

This site was my original web site which has changed over the years. The music part use to be in the same design and not take you out of the site to my music web site. It was a two subject site. Now I have two sites one for Music and one for Multi-media! What can I say, I was on a tight budget!

Zoe Web
Johnny O band

This site was my final project in College in May 2003, it scored me an A! The camera I had to take the photos of the band with was a sharp video camera with only a 1 mega pixel still shot setting. Considering my hardware limitations I like the photos, and wish I had had a better camera at the time!

Johnny O. Band
Randy Luallin
This site was my first client based site fresh out of college. The site has a fixed pixel width of 760 which was the standard at that time. My client wanted earthy warm colors, and to show off his many interests. Randy Luallin Web

Specializing in Web Site Design, development and maintenance.

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