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Guitar lessons by Zoe Monroe...

Zoe Monroe

Zoe Monroe

Salutations!   Zorian fans!

Zoe Monroe, lead singer / songwriter and lead / rhythm guitarist for Zorian. I am giving lessons from beginner through advanced levels on the electric guitar.

New student rates are 1/2 hour $20.00, 3/4 hour $25.00 or 1 hour $30.00, I have learned from the best! If you want to get started the right way, using proper, technique, theory, rhythm and ear training, send me an email. I will contact you promptly.

My goal with reasonable rates, is to pass on the skills needed for the next generation to become exceptional musician's. May you find great joy in the creation of music, as I have!

Zoe Monroe, songwriter, lead / rhythm guitar & lead vocals.


Sounds of Zorian / Zoe Monroe, live local music...


First, I would like to talk about guitars. The guitars that work for me are the American Fender Strat with the Floyd Rose and the Ibanez S series (the Zero Resistance tremolo, is a new design technology).

The practice amps that I have experience with are the Crate GFX-15 and GFX-65. I like the delay effect.

The strings that I use are the ghs Guitar Boomers GBXL 009. My hands are small, so I find that the extra light size works well and gives a good sound.

The picks I use are Dunlop U.S.A. 1.0mm, they are good for technical and rhythm playing, less noise.







Everytime We Talk   

Eye Of The Sea        

Into The Sky              


Metallic Blue             

Daddy, Eerie, Eye of the sea, 48%, Everytime we talk, Into the sky, MaxPower, Metallic blue are composed by Zoe Monroe / Zorian. All words and music © Zoe Monroe / Zorian 2005-2009. Guitar and vocals Zoe Monroe, Guitar Brian Nutsch, Drums Gary Niarhos
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