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Welcome to the multifaceted and multidimensional world of Joe Diamo.

Come with me as we explore the consciousness dimensions of music and the perennial wisdom teaching.

You will discover music based in the Jazz/ Blues tradition and its interface with world musics. You will also find many interesting interviews ( see Shifting Dimensions below) and teaching about different aspects of the perennial wisdom and how it relates to the "shift of the ages".


"Jazz World Alternative" - is a creative music program devoted to excellence in the art of music. Its aim is two-fold .

1) To present quality musical performance and education to enhance aesthetic appreciation of music as an art form.

2) To aid , by mutual participation , in the recovery of natural states of consciousness beyond the conditioned reality we usually participate in. Its basis, for the most part, is in Jazz and Blues but, reaches out to indigenous musics and embraces so called alternative music encouraging new, alternative, or perhaps forgotten ways of looking at and performing music .

"Jazz World Alternative" airs the 1st Monday of every month at 7 pm see

"Shifting Dimensions" - is a program that investigates the nature of consciousness, in dialogue form, within the matrix of the shifting times we live in.
A central theme of the program, is that we are living in a transitional time in human history. A time in which a major shift is occurring in consciousness, a transitional period, in which humanity is shifting from a consciousness of duality and suffering to
a consciousness of unity and joy. The program involves dialogues between me and some of the major new paradigm thinkers in the world.

Shifting dimensions see airs the 4th thursday of every month

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