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Support Community Access Television!

Your tax deductible financial donations, keeps CCTV 54 alive.

Also, contact your local City Council members and urge them to support Community Access television! We need financial support!

We believe in real uncensored reporting!

Why support CCTV54?

Beacuse she matters...


How you can get involved at CCTV54 
(choose anything you like)
Camera work in studio, or in the field / Work in the studio control room, 
Host / Moderator.
Producing shows:  Choosing your show.  Finding spokespeople & arranging for them to be on EC LIVE.  (It’s basically quite easy to do.)

Publicity  (local newspapers, KGNU, email lists, postings, & …)
Fund-raising  (meet with local business leaders, …, keeps CCTV alive.)
Reproduction of LIVE show tapes when requested
(helping to raise funds for CCTV) and reproduction of “Speaking Out” show tapes from DCTV to play on CCTV and on Boulder CATV.

Managing the money.

Rallying support for City Councils and others to support CCTV.

Strategy & coalition building for long-term success of CCTV.
Legal & other assistance in supporting a better Lsvl.
NonProfit & 501c3 application support / And other ways as you find.

The CCTV54 Team

Peter Stewart

Linda DiNoto

John "J" Bollinger

Len Houle
Gary Lennox

Joe Diamo

John Standler
John Standler

Mad Dog

Carol Bollinger



Ellen Mahoney

      Learn how to become a Director or a professional Camera person.    
Nothing Sacred 3-29-07

Make a difference!
Support Community Access Television. Your voice matters -- get involved, create your own show, or be a guest. Contact us for details.

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