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Training Classes Studio Training I

{no experience needed}
Learn the basics of studio production
This is the introductory training for producing
videos In the studio learn about:
In the control room learn about:
audio mixer
role of director

Studio Training II
{prerequisite is Studio Training I}
After an introduction to the control room in Studio Training I,
look at these specific pieces of equipment in greater detail:
Camera Control Units
Character Generator
Video Recorder

{prerequisite Studio Training II}
Practice production techniques in the studio to become
more familiar with the equipment and techniques
This will usually require a small group


{prerequisite Studio Training II}
Produce a program in the studio for practice or for real. This will require a small group

Field Training I
{prerequisite is Studio Training I}
Introduction to digital equipment and
field filmmaking techniques
This training will be an introduction to
producing videos outside of the studio

{prerequisite is Field Training I}
Work in some or many capacities on a project
being produced by an experienced producer


      Professional instruction available from our experienced personal.    

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