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Jazz World Alternative

 Spirals of Wisdom

Amy Goodman

Tiger Scouts

East County Live

Holiday Jazz 2007

Tuesday Blues

Programming history

Join singer songwriter Angie Stevens for original songs, stories and more.

Celeste Krenz & Rebecca Folsom

Dan Treanor

Jack Hadley

Singer/songwriter Justin Roth joins host Jenn Cleary for an hour of original music and a demonstration of his unique guitar technique and capo use.

Johnny O.

John Ohnmacht and
Bassist Andy Irvine 4-17-2007

Members of Mojomama a funk, blues, rock band join host Jenn Cleary for an indepth look at their songwriting and Mojomusic Academy.

Scott Dale

Teresa Lynn

Teresa Storch

Wendy Woo

The History of Jazz Drumming (Part One). More than an instructional video, Joe Diamo presents the history of Jazz drumming through explanation, demonstration and improvising on the solos of some of the key Jazz drummers from the inception of Jazz up until the Bebop era. Helpful and entertaining to the musical professional and lay listener alike, "The History of Jazz Drumming" has proven to be a satisfying musical and educational experience.

Jay Weidner "2012 and The Cyclic Cross of Hendaye" - Jay Weidner is interviewed by Joe Diamo of Shifting Dimensions on CCTV54 from Louisville, CO. Taping took place on June 29, 2008. More information can be found at: And alternative news, updated daily

Sharry Edwards, the developer of the foundational theories of Human BioAcoustic therapies is interviewed by Shifting Dimensions host Joe Diamo on 11/11/O8 at the CCTV 54 studios in Louisville, CO. More information can be found at: Alternative news, updated daily:

Joe Diamo of Shifting Dimensions interviews Dr. Simeon Hein Phd on the subject of Resonant Viewing and Crop Circles, Manifestations of Subtle Energy. The show took place on 1/5/09 at the CCTV54 studios in Louisville, CO. More info can be found at: Alternative news, updated daily:

Joe Diamo, host of Shifting Dimensions, interviews Alejandro Rojas, a research director at Mufon (Mutual UFO Network) Denver and a speaker at many UFO conferences around the US. Taped at CCTV54 studios in Lousiville, Co on June 16, 2008. More information can be found at: Alternative news updated daily

A special 2008 winter solstice edition of Shifting Dimensions and Jazz World Alternative: "Solstice, Stillness, and Transition" featuring host Joe Diamo, along with Lynn Skinner and Michael Stanwood. The show was taped at the studios of CCTV54 in Louisville, CO on 12-21-08. More information can be found at: And alternative news, updated daily

Jazz World Alternative: The Boulder Taiko Hibiki 2009 New Year's Day performance from the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder. Featuring Taiko drums director Julia Misawa and program host Joe Diamo. Video direction by Linda DiNoto. Jazz World Alternative airs on CCTV 54 in Louisville, CO.

Jazz World Alternative: "Nine Vehicles for Improv", featuring Joe Diamo and Mike O'Neill broadcast live on CCTV 54, in Louisville, CO. Produced by Joe Diamo and directed by Linda DiNoto.


Wendy Woo

John Standler
Your host Tuesday Blues

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Mad Dog
The Poets' Co-op

Joe Diamo
Your host of Jazz World Alternative
Shifting Dimensions


Behind The Song
Songwriters share their inspiration, stories and music. With host Jenn Cleary 303-381-2507, email. The last Sunday of the month at 4 p.m..

Common Sense
- brings you current issues, lively discussions and even occasionally an answer or two, with host/producer Bo Shaffer. Often features contemporary political or ecological guests, with a libertarian flavor. Bo Shaffer 303-776-3007, email

Cooking on the Island - Cooking shows direct from Boulder County homes. Featuring Chef Chayne 303-543-0092

East County LIVE!
Local issues, people, organizations and events, with host/producer Len Houle, who carries on the tradition of this oldest CCTV54 show. Len Houle 303-642-3429, email

Grey wolf Howls - American Indian teachings, featuring,
Robert Greywolf email 719-761-4299

In Bloom - with host Tara Becker, founder of Elle Group, is an
interview-format television show featuring local individuals and businesses. In Bloom will have segments focusing on a variety of areas including Business In Bloom, Spirituality In Bloom, Community In Bloom and more.
Mondays 8pm, Tuesdays 2:30am, Thursdays and Fridays 1pm; and Saturdays 2:30pm. Tara Becker email

Independent Video - Videos submitted by the community.

It's all in Your Head - with host Lori Laingor presenting cutting edge perspectives on mind/body medicine.

Jazz World Alternative
presents musical performance and education to enhance aesthetic appreciation of music. Jazz World reaches out to indigenous music from around the world, and embraces "Alternative" or so called experimental music, encouraging new & perhaps forgotten ways.
Joe Diamo, host/producer. 720-890-7208, email


Opening Acts

Rocky Mountain Hay Ride - Best of local bluegrass, old-time and acoustic music live in the CCTV54 studio, with host/producer Hal Landem, 303-523-4752, email

Shifting Dimensions - The emergent paradigm, includes shows on Mayan origin, mythology andcosmology and the 2012 Mayan calendar end date, produced by Joe Diamo and Linda DiNoto, 303-444-4682, email

Spirals of Wisdom - An elevating show "sowing seeds of consciousness," including spiritual practice, esoteric wisdom, and holistic healing. Hosted by Susie Verde & Gurudev Khalsa, 720-280-0491, email

Sustainable Living Pathways - pioneers in becoming more self sustainable as individuals, families and communities, with host / producer Lori Laingor 303-440-7200, email

The Poets' Co-op
- TV Show features the best regional and national live, poetry performances with host/producer M.D. Friedman 970-203-4757, email

Tuesday Blues - features the best blues bands of the Front Range, with producer John Stadler, 303-666-7908



Bahai Faith
- presents interesting videos focusing on the oneness of mankind. Leanette Tarpley 303-664-5214, email

Boulder Vidcast - Boulder's Community Vidcast!
Boulder's community vidcast hosted by recording
artist JVonD featuring live music, gatherings, people, local business, and the amazing environment around Boulder Colorado.

Care for God’s Creation - invites fresh perspectives that respect all life on earth and work towards lasting peace. Submission are from organizations, such as , and (coordinator: J.Bollinger 720-937-3176)

Citizens Choice - Invites local citizens to submit their favorite videos & documentaries that have permission to play on Public Access TV, and to give a brief introduction on “air.” There are 2 hour, 1 hour and ½ hour long weekly slots to play your independent videos. Coordinator: J.Bollinger 720-937-3176, email

Eckankar Presents
- Spiritual insights from Harold Klemp, as he discusses keys to self mastery and expanded consciousness. As the leader of Eckankar, Klemp has written over 40 books and spoken worldwide on how you can achieve a direct connection to Spirit, God, and oneself as Soul. Coordinator: Kathy Metzger 303-520-0084, email

Evangelist Louise Prince - gives us a half hour of good old inspiring gospel preaching.

Independent Voices Colorado - by our long time Louisville / Boulder video producers: Cec Girz & Army Armstrong,
Cec Girz / Army Armstrong

JVonD Radio - Video archives documenting the musical journey of recording artists JVonD! JVonD is a one of a kind Trance / Ambient recording artist who plays a custom keyboard called the BEATOMATIC. Watch as he jams with the best musicians around, explores the environment, and searches for positive vibes.

JVonD Virtual open mic -
VIRTUAL MEANING - You will be streamed into virtual reality.
OPEN MEANING - You are welcome to participate.
MIC MEANING - You can speak freely!

Developed to help the local community of artists get more exposure and archives.

Johnny's Cigar Bar is now the first Virtual Bar in Boulder! Streaming live every Monday night for the Virtual Open Mic where any artist can come and perform to the entire planet.

Meetings with Gangaji - an American born teacher, offers a message that is powerful in its clarity and simplicity: True peace and lasting fulfillment are not only our birthright, they are the essential nature of our being. David Edgar 303-402-9158, email

Stories from Ancient India - Discussions with Swami Satyananda. The series brings an unusual style of enthusiasm to the ancient stories of India. Devi Mandir

Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center - Robert Lierman
, email

We are Colorado Change - contributes fascinating, independently produced documentaries to share. Buddy Moore 303-232-2539, email

Words of Peace - Prem Rawat inspires people around the world to look within themselves for a lasting source of peace and contentment. Mary Friedman 303-926-9626, email

Youth Videos - invites independent videos with an educational value & appeal to the young at heart, typically playing Saturday & Sunday mornings. Coordinator: J.Bollinger 720-937-3176

  National Programming
CCTV supporters, support the principles of Free Speech and Public Access. They do not necessarily endorse all views expressed. At times viewer discretion is advised.
Democracy Now!

Nationally syndicated journalist Amy Goodman provides an alternative and in-depth look at news and issues.

Free Speech TV - offers a cornucopia of excellent independently produced shows.

GRITtv - with Laura Flanders: an alternative news show of fast growing popularity.

Link TV

Daily news reports that provide rare insight into the diversity of perspectives from more than 15 countries in the Middle East.

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