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CCTV54 Programming Highlights: Apr 18 - 24, 2010

1. Indie Video - Zeitgeist Addendum: As insightful and revolutionary as "Zeitgeist the Movie," but adds an abundance of solutions and hence hope. By Peter Joseph.Today 8 PM; and Friday 8 AM.

2. Common Sense - April Fools Show. Special discussions on Water, Eight Wonders of the Solar System, and Health Care. Latest on the Medical Marijuana Issues. Tune in for hosts Bo Shaffer and The KnitWit. 6 p.m. Today and Friday; 8 a.m. Monday; 7 p.m. Thursday; 4 p.m. Saturday.

3. Indie Video - "Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide" is a powerful documentary revealing secrets of the aboriginals' holocaust. Saturday 8 P.M., and Wednesday 3 P.M.

4. Boulder Jam - the show highlights an exciting 5 piece jazz group called Streetsmart. They've got great harmonies, impeccable musicianship and they really know how to entertain - jazz style! Knowledgeable jazz fans have followed them for years and now Boulder can get in on the treat. Today 10AM; Monday Midnight; Tuesday 8PM; Wednesday 11 PM

5. Business In Bloom - An interview-format television show featuring local individuals and businesses, hosted Tara Becker, Founder & Executive Director of Elle Group.Current guests arCurrent guests are: Greg Mooers, Inspirational Speaker on Heart Virtues; and Jade Sund, anInternationally recognized coach, speaker, trainer and author: Monday 8 PM ; Tuesday and Saturday2:30 PM ; Thursday and Friday 1 PM .



Fate of the Stallion


Not since the popular stories of Walter Farley has an Arabian stallion burst onto the American book scene with such force. Based on the true story of an exotic, real-life Arabian stallion lost from the public limelight and the broken family who found him, "Fate of the Stallion" gained popularity among horse lovers in more than sixty countries and sold out its first printing. Filmed in Lancaster County and the surrounding Pennsylvania Dutch Country, the story quickly gained popularity among animal lovers internationally.

Featuring an original musical score by Barcelona-based composer David Giro' (Mystery of the Nile), and the title song recorded by Ron Hevener - "Never Let Me Go" - the 30 minute film gives viewers a peek at what it's like writing a novel about the inside workings of the horse show world and introduces the Arabian stallion, Selket Louchiano, who portrays the horse in the story. Mr. Hevener and Louchiano are currently making live personal appearances for the film around the country.

CCTV supporters, support the principles of Free Speech and Public Access. They do not necessarily endorse all views expressed. At times viewer discretion is advised.
Joe Diamo

host and drummer of
"Jazz World Alternative",
featuring best of the
local jazz musicians.
First Mondays of the Month

Check out Tim on his
Fret less stand-up bass.

Holiday Jazz 2007

Jazz World Alternative
Recorded at Dog House Music


Show Videos

The History of Jazz Drumming (Part One). More than an instructional video, Joe Diamo presents the history of Jazz drumming through explanation, demonstration and improvising on the solos of some of the key Jazz drummers from the inception of Jazz up until the Bebop era. Helpful and entertaining to the musical professional and lay listener alike, "The History of Jazz Drumming" has proven to be a satisfying musical and educational experience.

Jay Weidner "2012 and The Cyclic Cross of Hendaye" - Jay Weidner is interviewed by Joe Diamo of Shifting Dimensions on CCTV54 from Louisville, CO. Taping took place on June 29, 2008. More information can be found at: And alternative news, updated daily

Sharry Edwards, the developer of the foundational theories of Human BioAcoustic therapies is interviewed by Shifting Dimensions host Joe Diamo on 11/11/O8 at the CCTV 54 studios in Louisville, CO. More information can be found at: Alternative news, updated daily:

Joe Diamo of Shifting Dimensions interviews Dr. Simeon Hein Phd on the subject of Resonant Viewing and Crop Circles, Manifestations of Subtle Energy. The show took place on 1/5/09 at the CCTV54 studios in Louisville, CO. More info can be found at: Alternative news, updated daily:

Joe Diamo, host of Shifting Dimensions, interviews Alejandro Rojas, a research director at Mufon (Mutual UFO Network) Denver and a speaker at many UFO conferences around the US. Taped at CCTV54 studios in Lousiville, Co on June 16, 2008. More information can be found at: Alternative news updated daily

A special 2008 winter solstice edition of Shifting Dimensions and Jazz World Alternative: "Solstice, Stillness, and Transition" featuring host Joe Diamo, along with Lynn Skinner and Michael Stanwood. The show was taped at the studios of CCTV54 in Louisville, CO on 12-21-08. More information can be found at: And alternative news, updated daily

Jazz World Alternative: The Boulder Taiko Hibiki 2009 New Year's Day performance from the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder. Featuring Taiko drums director Julia Misawa and program host Joe Diamo. Video direction by Linda DiNoto. Jazz World Alternative airs on CCTV 54 in Louisville, CO.

Jazz World Alternative: "Nine Vehicles for Improv", featuring Joe Diamo and Mike O'Neill broadcast live on CCTV 54, in Louisville, CO. Produced by Joe Diamo and directed by Linda DiNoto.

Celeste Krenz & Rebecca Folsom

Dan Treanor

Jack Hadley

Johnny O.

Members of Mojomama a funk, blues, rock band join host Jenn Cleary for an indepth look at their songwriting and Mojomusic Academy.

Scott Dale

Teresa Lynn

Teresa Storch

Wendy Woo

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