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Citizens Community Television, serving Louisville, Lafayette, Superior and Erie Colorado. Noncommercial, nonprofit, noncorporate, citizen media. Building Community thru media. Channel 54 the Public Access Channel.


Producing a Program on CCTV54,
CCTV54 is on Comcast cable channel 54 and available to over 40,000 viewers throughout Boulder County. CCTV54 is a local access PEG channel licensed to the Boulder county communities of Superior, Erie, Lafayette and Louisville.

Boulder County has one of the highest education and income levels in Colorado and the community is a leading voice on politics, aerospace research, the environment, sustainable resources, holistic living, outdoor sports, the arts and much more.

Producing a program with CCTV54 allows you bring your ideas to life and get your message out to an influential audience of opinion makers, businesses, students, families and concerned citizens just like yourself.

A program produced with CCTV airs several times on the channel, is promoted on the channel bulletin board and in local press listings. Producers of regularly scheduled show also get promotional video clips posted on the website along with program descriptions, special events notices, weblinks and producer bios.


The only requirement to produce a program on CCTV54 is to become a member. For $75.00 a year a producer/member has opportunities to participate with the station in a number of ways including using the studio facilities, volunteering on other producer shows, becoming involved with the operations and future direction of the station and perhaps most important, supporting community television and ensuring we all continue to have a local voice in the media.

Producing a quality program is a fun and rewarding experience as well as a time consuming and challenging process.

Please review the links below for more information on producing a program and how to tap into the broad community base of volunteers, video and audio technicians, graphic artists and others, all available to help make your program a success.

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