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 Training Classes Available

 Upgrade the new TV studio: Peter Stewart 303-673-0728

We in Louisville, Lafayette, Erie and Superior are fortunate to still have a band on cable TV available to all of us. It's called Public Access Television. And it's the only chance for 99.9% of us to ever have any significant voice in the television medium. Our purpose is simply to serve you.

To keep your community TV alive and growing, we need just a little support and participation in any manner that you like. The following are some examples of ways you may choose to become involved and enjoy it.

Help with building a better sound system, especially for our live bands.
Check out the current "wish list" of items we need donated.

 Video Productions: J. Bollinger 303-666-7422

Look for good independently produced videos that have permission to be shown on Public Access TV. The videos could be produced anywhere, even by youth in our local schools. Have the pleasure of sharing a video that you like a lot.

Join a video production crew. You can do video camera, text generator, assistant directing and eventually directing. It's easy to start.

Eventually you may like to produce the show you have dreamed about.

Tell us about people and events that you think would be particularly interesting to cover on community TV.

Edit raw video footage to make a fascinating creative video to be shown on CCTV54 and perhaps elsewhere.

Shoot the raw footage with our professional video camera.

Take training courses, such as through CCTV54, to learn news skills in video making and TV production.

 Outreach: Kathy Metzger 303-666-7571

Help organize parties for new & old CCTV54 participants to celebrate.

Call individuals to encourage support and participation
Supply and maintain CCTV54 brochures for retail stores.
Find local businesses that are interested in supporting our community TV and having positive exposure.

Talk with your city government to encourage more support, (such as by better sharing the cable fees originally intended for Public Access TV).





Make a difference!
Support Community Access Television. Your voice matters -- get involved, create your own show, or be a guest. Contact us for details.

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