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List of shows / Date of Show
Feb and Mar Poetry Readings at Sun Rose Cafe
31 mar Oil Crisis
! Apr Mind Power for Positive Change
8 Apr " NORML
2 Jun" Dead Pheasant Films
23 Jun " City Council meeting on Public Access
30 Jun " World Peace Run
29 July Immigration the Real story
? July Interview with George Bush
5 Aug Local Video makers
15 Aug Local Issues
? Aug Can they take my land
? Aug The Fu Pa tape
11 Sep British Traveler
?Sep Paha Sapa
13 Oct Ode To the Hunter
20 Oct Issues mostly mine
3 Nov One lonely voice crying in the wilderness
10 Nov Ramblings of a crazed man
1 Dec Holiday Dreamer
29 Dec Unresponsive Government
5 Jan Unjust Judges
12 Jan Hey la Randy's Back
19 Jan Government of the Corporation by the corporation for the corporation
29 Jan Nicaragua part 1
2 Feb Contrary Winds
9 Feb Liberty 101
16 Feb Safer Colorado
23 Feb 911 you decide
2 March Sensible Colorado
16 March Sub city Six
23 March Rock on with Mark Sellers
6 Apr The Cantrels
13 Apr The Shift
20 Apr Spirituality 101
27 Apr Taking the D (dull) out of fundraiser

14 May Hollistic Healing
18 May Pawnee National Grasslands
15 May A trip to Oz
1 June Memorial day 2006
15 June Relationships 101
22 June Metaphysical happenings


The Nothing Sacred TV Show, is the brainchild of mine.  The concept being that everything is Sacred, so essentially nothing is really Sacred, allowing us to talk about anything and everything.

You may disagree. However, the show gets the information out to the public allowing for open discussions!  

The show is varied, including artist, musician's, varied guests, politics, topics include local through international. There is lots of passion and of course a open invitation for people to come-on-down and have your say! This is Public Access Television at its finest, uncensored, open and in your face. It can also be incredibly boring and stupid,  hopelessly human.

Love it, or hate it, watch it anyway and send any love offerings to help us keep Public Access TV  (CCTV) alive in Boulder County.

Click on Logo to Contact CCTV 54.

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