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Sustainable housing or green building has long been a passion for me.  We can no longer live at odds with the earth but live in harmony. Recycling and minimizing our energy usage even in an urban or suburban setting is the future.  Novel thought ehhh? However, I have found in my quest that even our municipalities reject the concept and stonewall true endeavors.  This is my first attempt at making a green building a reality.  The house you are looking at is solid stone with a high K value,  it has wall, roof and floor with sprayed on closed cell foam, coupled with an R value of 7 per inch. The house has a 98% efficiency rating and is extremely easy to heat and cool.  The building materials are local whenever possible, Lodge Pole and Ponderosa Pine are used and locally milled.  The southern exposure gives it passive solar, while a flue that connects to the deep cellar, will pump cool air in the summer for cooling. Exterior materials are maintenance free forever.  The theme indoors is simplicity and openness, making the best use of space (do we need the humongous houses we are building now?)  Also, included is a rain catchment system that purifies the water and then returns it to the soil after use to replenish the ground. This design is by Nate Pierce (thanks Nate) The house also has a composting toilet, this allows for the residue to be used on the soil in your garden.  The electricity is provided with a Photovoltaic system in which the sun runs all the electrical needs in the home. The house is all electric using energy efficient appliances. Now you have a home that can run off the grid.  If you can live with a little less, you can say goodbye to monthly bills!


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