Monarch High School,
Louisville, Colorado, USA

25 years of GAPP

Gymnasium Eversten,
Oldenburg, Germany

German American
Partnership Program

MOHIGAPP - packing checklist



Euros (you'll be wanting to bring your parents a gift from Germany!)

Your passport - consider leaving a copy at home.

A few books for reading, including a paperback German/English Dictionary
and your independent study notebook with slide descriptions

An item to share with Gymnasium Eversten on American culture for slide presentation

Travelers Checks:
(Dollar or Euro checks are available at AAA free of charge for members)

A water bottle

German family's address and telephone number in Oldenburg,
leave with your family in Colorado

Your address book

A fanny pack or neck bag for important items.

A gift for your host family and siblings

A wristwatch and a battery operated alarm clock

A raincoat or water-proof jacket or an umbrella

A warm sweater

A light-weight bathrobe (especially for the youth hostel)

Slippers - Germans usually do not wear shoes inside the house)

A nice outfit for theatres and restaurants

Towel and washcloth for youth hostel

Comfortable shoes (NO NEW SHOES PLEASE!)

No-iron clothes (we dress casual for school and travel) jeans, shorts, t-shirts

No electrical items:
(battery operated only The voltage in Europe is different the in the U. S.

A swimming suit, sunglasses

A camera



Colorado Map
Weather in Colorado

Map Oldenburg
Weather in Oldenburg

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