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Saturday, November 14, 2009
As Berlin celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall on Monday, I watched 100,000 visitors and dignitaries pass through the Brandenburg Gate on TV. I thought, “Monarch students have to do the same this June.” Let’s do that! There are so many walls that divide people and nations. That is not true, however, amongst 15 Monarch GAPP students and families. We are well on our way to a great 2010 exchange.
I want to wrap things up from our meeting on November 1st. Here goes!! Get out those green calendars and get ready to write.
*Thanks to Lisa Dunlop we now have rooms on reserve at Snow Mountain Ranch outside Winter Park for Friday, March 19th and Saturday, March 20th. You overwhelmingly voted to spend 2 nights. Our reservations are in Silver Sage Lodge and include three meals: Saturday breakfast, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. To confirm our rooms we must have a 20% non-refundable deposit at the beginning of December. We are asking you to send or deliver a check made out to “YMCA of the Rockies” to Lisa at: 2822 Flint Court, Superior, Colorado, 80027. The Dunlops live in the Hillcrest subdivision. You may discover they live next door, down the street or around the corner from you. Below I have included the cost per room for the number of family members you requested and your exchange student.

Come prepared to pay the final amount due for Snow Mountain Ranch at our February 7th meeting.
*We agreed to kick up our heals line-dancing at the Grizzly Rose on March 14th
*Karla Tatum will further investigate IMAX and dinner out the last weekend our guests are here (March 27th or March 28th)
*Our school welcome will be Friday, March 12th at 9:30 in the library. Club Mo is also that evening. Watch out!!
*The Fraziers will host a birthday/pizza/geo cashing get-together for students on Saturday, March 13th
*Oldenburg students will visit NOAA for a tour on Wednesday morning, March 17th
*Oldenburg students will travel via RTD to Denver for the day on March 18th
*World Language Day with all-day presentations by GEO students will be Friday, March 19th
*Before Spring Break arrives Christine Ross, counselor at Monarch K-8, will organize a reading hour between German and elementary students at Monarch K-8.
*A scavenger hunt for all students will be at 1:00, March 30th on Pearl Street. We will ;meet in front of the Boulder Courthouse.
*Our farewell Picker Porker Party/Potluck will be a dinner on March 31st. Hope for sunny weather!
I think if we plan much more, we will be too exhausted to get everyone to the airport on April 1st.
We have welcome bags donated by the Albrechts, goodies and souvenirs collected by the Tillmans and Roths, display case decorations created by the Footes AND hopefully awesome t-shirts designed by any and all of you!!
Parents, it is very appropriate to write a note of introduction to the parents of your exchange student. In fact, I am sure the German parents would welcome it. I look forward to seeing you on February 7th in the German room at Monarch at 4:00.
Don’t forget the January 15th airfare payment to James Travel.
Thank you all for stepping forward to make your exchange experience a meaningful one this March!
Happy Holidays!! Frau Singer

First Newsletter Sept 2009
Wednesday, September 4th
Moin (as we say in Oldenburg) American Students and Host Families!
I am sending this first letter via our new Yahoo Group. We now can click and send an “all group” e-mail via the contact page on our website.

Our GAPP 2010 got off to a great start Sunday, August 30th. All but 3 families were represented. You are a group with a lot of energy, much creativity and a whole lot of good will. I know a group of students from Gymnasium Eversten who will be lucky in March to have such a wonderful exchange experience. E-mails were sent to all GEO students. Now we wait for their response. Don’t get impatient. Some students will answer more quickly than others. They just got their applications from you in the mail today, September 9th.

You have selected to investigate the following activites for the November meeting:
(WOW! What a list.)
They are also posted under area events on our website.
1. A Day for students in Denver- Frau Ivanyi and Frau Singer + Candy-making factory or Denver Mint-Melissa Tillman
2. An overnight at Glenwood Springs or the YMCA Snow Mt. Ranch of the Rockies-Dunlops
3. Estes Park, Mining, Rocky Mountain National Park-Pickers
4. IMAX and a dinner in Denver-Karla Tatum
5. Grizzly Rose-Karla Tatum
6. Ski passes, possibly in connection with Snow Mountain Ranch overnight- Fraziers
After school, evening or shorter events:
1. Buell Theater events- Lauren Albrecht
2. Bowling- Ulla
3. Ice Skating and Pearl Street scavenger hunt-Gardners and Frau Singer
4. School time for German students at NOAA-Schneiders
5. Biking, Pizza, Barbeque, Birthdays (We have 5 Germans celebrating their birthdays while they are here!!!) - Fraziers

The following families have also signed up to organize the GAPP “rituals”
1. Booster Club-Dunlops and Gardners
2. Fundraising- Dunlops
3. Events around the area during GAPP visit-Karla Tatum
4. Welcome bags- Tillmans and Roths
5. T-shirts- Ash family
6. Welcome at Monarch on March 12th-Frau Ivanyi
7. Farewell on March 12th –Pickers

We will select our GAPP 2010 activities at the November meeting.

Some students participated in the first fundraiser of the year by selling Bratwurst at Back-to-School night last week.
All students can begin collecting names of people wanting to purchase poinsettias and wreaths for the holidays through the Booster Club.

Our next meeting will be at MHS in the German room on Sunday, November 1st. The meeting is scheduled from 4:00-5:00 for students and parents.

We have had a student with a change of heart. Cole Nielsen will not be hosting Soenke Emel this spring. I am asking for help in finding a new host family for Soenke. I know some of you American students are on pins and needles waiting to hear via e-mail from your partner. You can imagine how Soenke feels, thinking he had a partner and then discovering he does not. If you know of anyone at Monarch who may be willing to host Soenke, please let me know.

In closing I would like to remind you of my commitment to student exchanges and student understanding. It is the best bridge I have found to true communication and acceptance in any language. Students on both sides of the Atlantic have begun to open their eyes to the knowledge that beyond the ocean there is much more than a tourist experience awaiting them. The world is varied, exciting and beautiful. You are helping to make it a better place.

See you at MHS on November 1st!
Frau Singer

P.S. Don’t forget the September 15th $100.00 deposit to Janice Bond at James TravelPOINTS.
Email 9-30-2009   German Class & German Club - Oktoberfest

Dear Parents,

I hope you don`t mind that I email you a little note about our German class and our events. Instead of sending out papers I decided to be eco-friendly and save money for the school. If you would like me to mail these letters in the future, please let me know so I could send them home with your child or provide me your mailing address so I can mail them to you.

I briefly met some of you at Back to School Night. I enjoy having your children in my class, we have a great group of students, who work hard every day. In class we finished the the chapter about "work" and we will have our Unit test next week.

In German Club we will have an "Oktoberfest" on the 11th of October 3-5pm. Everybody is welcome - no "German Club Membership" is needed. It is a great opportunity for parents to meet other parents and students form class. We will be grilling bratwurst and playing soccer. Bratwurst will be sold for a small fee (around $1 -1.50 depending our negotiations with Bolder Sausage:). All proceeds to go "The German Club events".
Volunteers needed: Help with grilling is greatly appreciated!

If you are coming, please bring a side dish, dessert or drink for the students, if you can. Please let me know (with your child or via e-mail) what you are bringing.

Katalin Ivanyi
Monarch High School
(720) 561 - 4358

Do you have questions about the Monarch High School / Gymnasium Eversten Partnership Program?
Contact our infamous leaders, Katalin Ivanyi and Frau Singer


GAPP 2010
Meetings to prepare us for Oldenburg:

Meeting = Sunday, May 16th 4:00-5:00 for students only at Frau Singer's house.

Final Fling barbeque = Sunday, May 23rd 4:00-600 for students and families at Monarch


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