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A guide to adapting to high altitude

We want your experience here to be one you will always remember - for the right reasons!

In Oldenburg, you live at an altitude of 5 meters above sea level. That's 16 feet for those of us unfamiliar with the metric system. When you come to Louisville, you will be at an altitude of 1627 meters, 5,337 feet. Quite a difference!

Unfortunately, some people experience some discomfort the first few days at high altitude. But don't worry, If you experience it at all, the discomfort usually lasts only a day or so. The first thing most people notice is a shortness of breath. The air is definitely thinner up here! So take it easy the first few days. You may also experience nausea, fatigue, headaches or have difficulty sleeping.

The air is also very dry in Colorado so it is important to make sure you drink lots of liquid. Water is the best! Carry a water bottle with you.

Some Hints For Overcoming The Altitude

~ Take is easy the first few days. this will help your body adjust.
~ Reduce your consumption of caffeine and salty foods, as these contribute to dehydration.
~ Drink LOTS of water, about three to four times as much as you usually drink.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms and you feel they may be out of the ordinary, please make sure you let your host family know right away. We want you to have a great time!

The Sun

It is usually sunny here, although March is one of the wettest months we have. On average, we only experience about 85 cloudy days a year! And at this altitude, the sun is about 40% stronger that at sea level

So, you have to be prepared for lots of sun. We'll make sure you have lots of sunscreen and lip balm but you may want to bring a pair of sunglasses with you. Make sure to apply the sunscreen several times a day to stay protected.

Proper Clothing

There is a saying in Colorado - "If you don't like the weather, wait an hour, it will change." We do sometime experience sudden weather changes. It can be sunny and warm in the morning when you start out on a hike and a couple hours later, you could be stuck in a snowstorm! So, the best advice is to have clothing in which you can dress in layers. If you are planning to be outdoors for any length of time, make sure you have a jacket with you - no matter how warm it seems when you first go out.

So to sum it up:

Take it easy, Drink lots of water, Wear sunscreen, Have fun!



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