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...from my friend Larry in Illinois...

I'm enjoying the Jazz World Alternative DVD much too---I find it very inspiring. I watch it and think: I must practice more, I must be more serious about my music. AS said before, you and drummer Joe have a real, palpable empathy. Telepathy, even. The music swells, expands and contracts. Joe certainly becomes music, doesn't he? It's great to see someone who enjoys music so---you can tell he takes great and honest delight in making music. You, too. I like the relaxed and unpretentious approach the two of you have. I mean, you're creating some decidedly serious music, and you take what you do very seriously, BUT ( and I think this is important) you know how to take it serious enough to have fun with it and enjoy the whole process of music making. This makes it accessible to an audience. I mean, I'm drawn in cause you're not a couple of music snobs making something only to be intellectualized and admired. I get that you were making something to be enjoyed, and you certainly succeeded. "Stutter Waltz" is playful and evocative, so is "Live Wire" . "If 9 Was 6" deals with dualities, musical and otherwise. "Monkish Fish" is a fitting an homage to Thelonius Monk without necessarily quoting him (your explorations of 6th's are thorough and well-executed.
Like I said, you got your own rarefied language.
By the way, the DVD sounds fantastic. Anyway, the sound quality of the DVD is superb, and whoever filmed it did a fine job. Very bright, easily viewable. Quality capturing of your performance.

Jazz World Alternative    

Taiko Hibiki 2009 New Year's Day

The Boulder Taiko Hibiki 2009 New Year's Day performance from the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder. Featuring Taiko drums director Julia Misawa and program host Joe Diamo. Video direction by Linda DiNoto. Jazz World Alternative airs on CCTV 54 in Louisville, CO.

Nine Vehicles for Improv

Jazz World Alternative: "Nine Vehicles for Improv", featuring Joe Diamo and Mike O'Neill broadcast live on CCTV 54, in Louisville, CO. Produced by Joe Diamo and directed by Linda DiNoto.

The History of Jazz Drumming #1

The History of Jazz Drumming (Part One). More than an instructional video, Joe Diamo presents the history of Jazz drumming through explanation, demonstration and improvising on the solos of some of the key Jazz drummers from the inception of Jazz up until the Bebop era. Helpful and entertaining to the musical professional and lay listener alike, "The History of Jazz Drumming" has proven to be a satisfying musical and educational experience.


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