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"Joe , your drumming talent is without question,with me being the head sound man, I definitely appreciate a good drummer and you are one of the best" Sam Radetsky Owner/manager of the "ROCK AND SOUL CAFE" Boulder, Colorado.

"Joe Diamo has always been one of our favorite musicians. His band is fantastic! Cool and sophisticated, their sound is easily accessible to both the Jazz enthusiast and the novice" David deParrie General Manager,The 4th Story Restaurant (Cherry Creek)

"Joe , there was such excitement about your performance, that in spite of the nasty driving conditions of the evening, those attending just sat there soaking in the extraordinary show.I have never ever seen a drummer like you Joe, that's the truth. Now I know the difference between a good drummer and a great one." June Timmerman Grand Lake Arts commission.

"Your a great drummer, you sound like Paul Romaine ( one of Denver's finest long standing Jazz drummers) but more modern"
Kim Stone (Bass Player with "The Rippingtons")

"Joe, I love the way you play! you play with alot of intelligence... Your a great drummer. You swing your___ off!! Joe Bonner
world class Jazz pianist with Freddie Hubbard (3 years) Pharoah Sanders (4 years) Max Roach, Roy Haynes (see Wikipedia)


To Whom it may concern,"I had the pleasure of working with Joe Diamo in the National touring production of "WONDERFUL TOWN". I played the title roll of Ruth Sherwood and spent a great amount of time working with the orchestra and all the musicians.
I feel fortunate to have met Joe and found him to be a tremendous asset to our production. Not only was he an excellent musician, but a positive and encouraging person.I relied on Joe a great deal and my performance was enhanced by his consistency of tempo.He handled the Bernstein score like a pro and helped to maintain the show in the style that the director intended.
I found Joe to be very approachable and respected his opinion regarding any musical challenges that faced us. Many times he would have encouraging words and nice feedback for his co-workers.I would highly recommend him and hope that I am fortunate enough to work with him again in the near future."
Sincerely, Deborah Lynn Actress
( "wonderful town" New York touring co Columbia Artists Production )

Attention Jazz lovers, here is the album you've been waiting for. Drummer Joe Diamo, Pianist Joe Bonner, and bassist Dan Golosow recorded their fantastic concert held at "Envie" in Boulder co. The result is LIVE AT ENVIE and a Jazz album as good as it gets.
They recorded four songs: softly as in a morning sunrise, Vibika (Joe Bonner) Au Privave and Hurry up and wait (Joe Bonner).
What this reviewer heard was three top -notch Jazz musicians putting their extensive talents together in a free wheeling and wailing tribute to American music.
Not since the Charlie Haden/Pat Metheny blockbuster album "Beyond the Missouri Sky", has this reviewer heard such exciting and excellent Jazz. LIVE AT ENVIE soars like an eagle, or like three eagles, really ---and these birds know exactly what their destination is.
They arrive there via individual routes, each flying free, yet tied together by a common destination...harmony.
Harmony of spirit, of talent and desire to expose their hearts and souls to produce a classic. You will hear drumming, piano and bass
solos that are not solos at all, but instead a meeting of musical minds that defy convention.
Its not very often this reviewer hears a gem like LIVE AT ENVIE. Joe Diamo , Joe Bonner and Dan Golosow have given us a giant diamond in a beautiful setting! ( Richard Fuller senior editor Metaphysical Reviews)

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