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Joseph Diamo M.A.

1962: Professional dancer

1963-1968: Drum lessons

1969: Piano studies

1967-1973: All school bands, junior high and high school

1970: All city jazz band, European tour- five countries. Played with Marion Meadows in big band and small combos. Ray McKinley mentor.

1975: Western Connectict State College. Full music curriculum. Percussion major-- jazz groups.

1977-1979: Berklee School of Music. Full music curriculum. Drum set performance major.

1980: Norwalk Community College. Philosophy major.

1981-1983: Mercy College, White Plains, NY. BA in psychology.

1983-1985: MA in Buddhist and Western psychology. Naropa University.

1986-1991 Psychotherapist : Denver-Metro

1986-1991: Percussion / Drum set: Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, regular season and summer pops.

1986-present: Leader of numerous ensembles and big band, conductor of Boulder Big Band.

1991-present: Full time music teacher, private lessons, and through Boulder Valley School System, teaching drum set, percussion, piano, music theory. Through Lifelong Learning, taught drum, piano, and hx of Jazz classes.

2004: Performed in Rome

2006: Performed in Taipei, Taiwan.

2006: Musical Director / percussionist, ”Pirates in Corsets” Boulder Fringe Festival”

2006: National tour of Broadway show (WonderfulTown), Columbia Artist Theatricals.

Studied with: Pete Esposito, Ed Blackwell, Andrew Cyrille, John Mahegan, Joe Hunt, Joe Casatus, Duduka Defonseca, Dom Famullaro, Art Lande, Eric Gunnison Recorded with: Joe Bonner, Keith Oxman, Bob Montgomery, Joe Lucasik, Rich Chiaraluce, Teresa Carroll, Jeffrey Rogers, Clay Kirkland et al.

Performed with all the above plus Maynard Fergusson, The Canadian Brass, Carlos
Montoya, Herr Bowman, Sal Salvador, Doc Severenson, et al.

2007: Producer and performer on CCTV Louisville “Jazz World Alternative” on going creative music Live on Air performances and DVD's. Examples include: Jazz meets North Indian Classical Music, Flamenco, Rock, Jazz Quintets / Quatets et al.
2007 June-on going DJ KGNU Boulder Co.

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